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I love guest posting on other sites! Here is a list of my writing around the web. articles
Your Home Study: They Will Interview Your Kids
What if You’re Ready to Adopt But Your Husband Isn’t
Small Deeds with Great Love: comforting a friend in need
Our Experience with Artificial Twins
Expectation while Waiting: noticing the little ways God is answering our prayers
The Surprising Effect of Adoption on my Biological Daughter
Private Infant Adoption: Is It Possible If We Already Have Children?
Adoption Day: The Day that Didn’t Make Us Parents
Wanting More Children When Your Hands are Full
Closed Doors and Doorstep Deliveries
Accepting a Poor Prognosis Foster Placement
Please Stop Saying “Your Hands are Full!”
Video Review: Matthew’s in the Middle: a child’s journey on the broken road
Slideshow: 13 Essential Pictures to Take in Your Child’s Birth Country
Slideshow: 10 Psalms for Waiting Moms

Guest Posts and Interviews

Orphan Care: Not Either/Or  (
You Will Love Your Adopted Child  (
Interview: Adoption Blogger Interview Project  (
D is for Drawing Words {Cuneiform Writing for Kids}  (
Home-Alone Tweens: tips for preparing your tween for this milestone  (

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